Nautical Progressions has symbolic meaning. The word “nautical” comes from the marine world where maps have stars drawn on them with four points representing North, South, East, and West. They are now known to be Nautical Points. This star was the traveler’s guide on the map, and represented their sense of direction using the stars in the night sky.

Therefore, Nautical Progressions means planned progression, or guided direction. After having worked with so many talented individuals who faded out of scene because of their lack of direction, or lack of planning, the name Nautical Progressions was chosen as a statement of promise in artist/project management.


Nautical Progressions was introduced in 2001 as an on-site recording studio, and has remained to be a sole proprietorship for its lifetime by Christien Paul. Christien has been an avid multimedia producer since his early high school years making websites, videos, demo recordings, and photographs for all his musical projects. Christien has been making press kits for his performing bands for over 10 years.

The company had grown into a market of public relations for musicians as an electronic press kit producer. The EPK production service was extended on the world-wide-web in the form of an online publisher offering hosting services for online access of their EPKs, thereby enabling the client to make mass submissions via email. Feeling that was not “user-friendly” as a web address, Nautical Progressions opened a separate hosting program at


With the advent of consumer electronics, the quality gap between consumer productions and professional productions is narrowing. Nautical Progressions strives to educate the world to this revolutionary movement in digital productions and provide affordable yet professional production services both online and on-site.

By providing self-serve publishing websites with user accounts for independent music producers and performing artists for networking and resale purposes in the form of portfolio hosting and media licensing for film and television, Nautical Progressions wishes to eventually grow into a production house employing a team of 20 professional producers in web design, video production, photography, and audio engineering.